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Frequently Asked Questions

What material are Tailgate Art™ decals made of?

Tailgate Art™ decals are printed on special 3M performance vinyl with an adhesive backing.

Can Tailgate Art™ decals adhere to any surface?

Tailgate Art™ decals can be applied to ABS resins, aluminum, chrome, glass, fiberglass, reinforced plastics and paint.

Are Tailgate Art™ decals resistant to weather?

Tailgate Art™ decals are weatherproof. They are designed to withstand wind, rain, cold, heat and sunlight.

How do I know if the Tailgate Art™ decal will fit my tailgate?

Tailgate Art™ has designed each decal to conform to standard size tailgates. A 3” border has been provided on every decal to allow for trimming when necessary.

Can I install a Tailgate Art™ decal myself?

YES! Tailgate Art™ decals have been designed for self installation. Simple instructions for installation are provided with each decal. Alternatively Tailgate Art can supply you with installers near you. Click here to find an installer near you (third party).


Tailgate Art™ can supply you with the name of an installer near you, to arrange for installation at your cost, to be determined with the installer. Should you wish to have it installed, please click here.

What methods of payment are accepted by Tailgate Art™?

We accept Visa, Master Card as well as direct payment via PayPal.

Can I remove a Tailgate Art™ decal myself?

Yes it is very easy to remove.

Our team will be happy to discuss any questions you may have. Our design team is willing to discuss any future project requirements. Contact us at