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Installation Guide

Congratulations on receiving your new Tailgate Art!

Here are the instructions to help you install your Tailgate Art either yourself, with a friend or by installation specialists. Remember that Tailgate Art is easy to install and can be applied and removed at will. Like all adhesive surfaces, you must avoid having your Tailgate Art stick onto itself. In the following example, we opted to install our Tailgate Art over the name plates and logos in order to show you the amazing 3M wrapping properties. If you wish to reduce installation time, we suggest you remove all name plates. Click here for more information on removing name plates or visit our links below. You can always put name plates back over your Tailgate Art if desired once installation is complete.

1 ) Your new Tailgate Art comes with and installation tool called a squeegee. Please note that the masking tape and box cutter knife are not included with your Tailgate Art kit.

2 ) You need to clean all surfaces that will be covered by your Tailgate Art. Be sure to remove all dirt, wax and grease that may be on the surface to be covered in order to have maximum adhesion. Click here for more information on cleaning techniques.

3 ) Once you have cleaned the surface and unrolled your Tailgate Art, you are now ready to start positioning it onto the tailgate. Partly remove the film on the back so that you only expose the top part of the adhesive and place it into position. If you are by yourself, use masking tape to temporarily stick one corner of your Tailgate Art while you hold the other. Remember, you can always pull back and re-align your Tailgate Art while making sure it does not stick onto itself.

4 ) Once your Tailgate Art is properly leveled and aligned, use one long piece of masking tape to secure it into position approximately halfway down it's height and all along it's length. This is to make sure it doesn't shift while you are using the squeegee to firmly secure it into position. 

5 ) With the top part of your Tailgate Art now fixed to the tailgate (above the masking tape line), you are now ready to secure it firmly into position. Using the squeegee, spread the material evenly, removing all air bubbles that might form between your Tailgate Art and the Tailgate. Start from the center and work outwards. For more information on this simple technique, click here or check out our links below.

6 ) Tailgate Art material is a 3M product that has heat activated elastic properties. Use a propane torch, blow dryer or heat gun to slightly heat and stretch the material to follow curved lines.

7 ) For handle wrapping, you can either cut out the whole handle or wrap the entire handle as shown. Click here for more information on handle wrapping or visit our links below.

8 ) Once you have completely wrapped the handle, continue spreading outwards the material with the squeegee.

9 ) Wrapping name plates is similar to wrapping handles except their is no cutting involved. Click here for more information on wrapping name plates or visit our links below.

10 ) Once you have wrapped your handle and name plates, work your way outwards on each side with the squeegee in order to remove any folds or air bubbles that may have formed.

11 ) Work your way outwards and downwards with the squeegee to position the second lower half of your Tailgate Art.

12 ) Complete the main frontal installation with minor pressure retouches around your central name plate (if applicable) and handle.

13 ) Trim away the extra material around the tailgate edges. Leave approximately one inch of material on the sides so that you can fold the excess material inwards. Once fixed, heat the edges for best adhesion.

14 ) Trim the excess material at the top of your Tailgate Art so that it stops right at the edge of your tailgate protector.

15 ) This is a close-up of the finished wrapped handle and name plate (under the handle, left of alligator jaw).

16 ) This is the completed installation.

17 ) Great job team Tailgate Art!

18 ) The crocodile is released into the wild.

As for additional information regarding Tailgate Art installation techniques, follow the links listed here.

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And so there you go! You have installed your very own Tailgate Art. Now keep your eyes on the road while you are driving as you may be tempted to frequently look into your rear view mirror to see the reactions!